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Karl Marx

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Karl Heinrich Marx  (German: [maʁks]; 5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) was a German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary. Born in Trier, Germany, Marx studied law and philosophy at university. He married Jenny von Westphalen in 1843. Due to his political publications, Marx became stateless and lived in exile with his wife and children in London for decades, where he continued to develop his thought in collaboration with German thinker Friedrich Engels and publish his writings, researching in the reading room of the British Museum. His best-known titles are the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto and the three-volume Das Kapital (1867–1883). Marx's political and philosophical thought had enormous influence on subsequent intellectual, economic and political history. His name has been used as an adjective, a noun and a school of social theory.
Marx's critical theories about society, economics, and politics, collectively understood as Marxism, hold that human societies develop through class conflict. In the capitalist mode of production, this manifests itself in the conflict between the ruling classes (known as the bourgeoisie) that control the means of production and the working classes (known as the proletariat) that enable these means by selling their labour-power in return for wages. Employing a critical approach known as historical materialism, Marx predicted that capitalism produced internal tensions like previous socioeconomic systems and that those would lead to its self-destruction and replacement by a new system known as the socialist mode of production. For Marx, class antagonisms under capitalism, owing in part to its instability and crisis-prone nature, would eventuate the working class' development of class consciousness, leading to their conquest of political power and eventually the establishment of a classless, communist society constituted by a free association of producers. Marx actively pressed for its implementation, arguing that the working class should carry out organised proletarian revolutionary action to topple capitalism and bring about socio-economic emancipation.Marx has been described as one of the most influential figures in human history and his work has been both lauded and criticised. His work in economics laid the basis for much of the current understanding of labour and its relation to capital and subsequent economic thought. Many intellectuals, labour unions, artists and political parties worldwide have been influenced by Marx's work, with many modifying or adapting his ideas. Marx is typically cited as one of the principal architects of modern social science.
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Manifesto of the Communist Party: By Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Book by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx


City in Germany

  • Desc: Chemnitz is the third largest city in the German federal state of Saxony after Leipzig and Dresden. It is the 28th largest city of Germany as well as the fourth largest city in the area of former East Germany after Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden.
  • URL: http://www.chemnitz.de/
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemnitz
  • Type: Place, City, Thing, AdministrativeArea
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The Young Karl Marx

2017 film

  • Desc: The Young Karl Marx is a 2017 historical drama film about Karl Marx, directed by Haitian filmmaker and political activist Raoul Peck, co-written by Peck and Pascal Bonitzer, and starring August Diehl.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Young_Karl_Marx
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Karl Marx


  • Desc: Karl Heinrich Marx FRSA was a German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary. Born in Trier, Germany, Marx studied law and philosophy at university. He married Jenny von Westphalen in 1843.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx
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Corvinus University of Budapest

University in Budapest, Hungary

FC Erzgebirge Aue

Football club

  • Desc: Fußball Club Erzgebirge Aue e.V., commonly known as simply FC Erzgebirge Aue or Erzgebirge Aue, is a German football club based in Aue-Bad Schlema, Saxony. The former East German side was a founding member of the 3. Liga in 2008–09, after being relegated from the 2. Bundesliga in 2007–08.
  • URL: http://www.fc-erzgebirge.de/
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Erzgebirge_Aue
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Karl Marx

German painter

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Chemnitzer FC

Football club

Leipzig University

University in Leipzig, Germany

Karl Marx

Book by Francis Wheen

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Karl Marx

German journalist

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2807 Karl Marx


  • Desc: 2807 Karl Marx, provisional designation 1969 TH₆, is a carbonaceous Dorian asteroid from the central region of the asteroid belt, approximately 17 kilometers in diameter.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2807_Karl_Marx
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Karl Marx

Song by Tommy Keene

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Karl Marx

V. Sekhar's son

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Karl Marx


  • Desc: Karl Rudolf Marx was a German eye doctor who was the first Moravian medical missionary in Tibet. He was also a Tibetologist and translated parts of the Ladakh Chronicles into German, improving on the work of Emil Schlagintweit.
  • Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx_(medical_missionary)
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Karl Marx

Song by Mark Steel

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Karl Marx

The Simpsons character

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